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She's a confidence coach, informed by years of coaching women on how to find their voices and activate their dreams. KarenA is a frequent speaker on confidence; financial confidence; personal brand and leadership. She is a commercial actress; a singer-songwriter and author. 














An award winning innovator, she is paid by corporate clients for her thought leadership; integrated marketing skills; speaking and presentation abilities (internationally).  KarenA launched City National bank's first digital campaign; business influencer campaign; and leadership events featuring notables such as Bebe Winans; Christopher Bridges, a.k.a. Ludacris; Melody Hobson; Fabiola Torres; Vernon Francois; Herb Trawick; Areva Martin; Reginald Hudlin. 



KarenA is an actor, singer/songwriter, producer, and corporate executive with 2 children, 3 grandchildren and 3 great grands. 



I was a very shy child growing up. I had lots of talent and a big voice that I wanted to use to shout to the world, but I could not get it out. I was deathly afraid that I would say the wrong thing; my voice would shake; that all eyes would be on me. I was not ready for that. I chose the back up position. I was a back-up singer, never the lead; a cheerleader, but not the head. I dreamt of speaking up, but never did. I played all sports because you didn't have to say a thing.  Then, in college, I was forced to audition in front of several hundred people; a requirement of the drama class I had elected to take. 


Long story short, I was embarrassed beyond my wildest dreams when the director screamed at me to speak up. He said he couldn't hear "a damn word" I was saying. I thought I would melt through the floor; somehow die on the stage with 200 witnesses. But the moment passed. It was quiet enough to literally hear a pin drop in the indoor amphitheater. ALL eyes were on me. But it seemed like everyone was quietly rooting me on, not laughing; not enjoying the moment at all. I did not melt. I did not die. I gathered myself in the moment, took a deep breath and started my line over. LOUDLY. I did it. 


That awful fear I had been carrying my entire life had just been released. I actually got a small part in the play; a speaking role. And I never stopped. That experience gave me the CONFIDENCE I needed to shift my paradigm. I've been stomping across stages, dominating conference rooms; speaking and performing in front of thousands for decades; and I've been helping others to find their voices ever since that dreadful theatre experience.  


It all starts with CONFIDENCE. After I spoke up in the theatre, I had CONFIDENCE that I could do it again. And again. 


I help women to understand what they are truly made of; their full reality. I will help you reclaim your worth and value. Then I teach how to use these things as tools to move through the world CONFIDENTLY; able to execute on dreams and visions. 


I'm waiting for you. YOU are THE Shit. Don't forget.




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