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Karen A│THEKarenA│Bowen-Boldon House │
Clark Nation │Giver of Life │
Lover of Nations │Queen Mother │Corporate Queen│
Producing Artist │Leader of Thoughts │
Coach of Confidence

Catch more CONFIDENCE with THEKarenA

Women are at a disadvantage compared to men; despite our degrees; country; origin; position; family. Some of us are more privileged than others, but men trump us in pay, corporate titles, number of businesses, positions of power, and political clout. Things are changing but not fast enough. You need the absolute amount of confidence; and a release of obstacles in your way to be your best self. I am an award-winning, stage-stomping executive; business woman; performing artist turned coach. I have been helping women move to the next level for decades.  Need a coach and confidante? Call me. 

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